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Gift Ceremony

Gifting consists of a big part of Asian culture. If one does not give appropriate gifts or a suitable amount of money on special occasions, one may be considered as disrespectful. There are no explicit rules on what to give, so I designed an app that helped people to reduce the struggle when giving gifts or money.

Full-stack designer— discovery, user research, design, animation, testing


My own project


Winter 2019, 8 Weeks

Our users

Meet Celine

Celine needs to give gifting money to her friend, Harmony, at her wedding ceremony but she doesn’t know how much to give. She is afraid of not giving enough money to Harmony, creating an embarrassment for Harmony and herself. She remembers a lot of news has covered such conflicts already. She also needs to give Laura, a cousin she does not really know, an Mid-Autumn Festival gift.


Introducing Gift Ceremony

Feature 1

Gift Money Calculator

After using Gift Ceremony (GC), Celine can calculate the amount of money she should give to Harmony. The profile of Harmony will be linked to Celine's GC account after she uses Facebook to sign in. If not, Celine can input her closeness of the relationship with Harmony and the date and venue of Harmony's ceremony, then, she can get an estimated number of the gifting money to Harmony.

Feature 2

Gifts' Recommendations based on relationship

After Celine calculates the money for Harmony, Celine still needs to buy a gift for Laura. If Celine links her Facebook account to GC, she could immediately see gift recommendations for Laura. If not, Celine can input her closeness and importance of the relationship with Laura and the occasion to get gift recommendations.

Feature 3

Mark the date to send gift

After buying the gift in the browser inside GC, Celine can save the date to give the gift to Laura in the app and in Google Calendar.

Feature 4

Social Circle Visualization

When using Gift Ceremony, Celine can focus on the people that she is closed with. The closer the person with Celine, his/her picture will be placed towards the center of the circle.

Feature 5

Switch between different social circles

Gift Ceremony also helps Celine to categorize her social circles into three groups which are family, friends and work.


How I got there...


General Research

Giving out money

After research, I found that giving out money as a gift is especially prevalent at weddings in Chinese culture. Numerous factors are affecting the amount of money that one needs to give out, which are:

Giving out money

Depending on the occasion, one should not give certain kinds of gifts to people. For example, in Chinese New Year, sending tea as a gift to the middle age people is considered respectful to the recipients. In any kind of situation, giving a clock as a gift is a rude act.


User Research

I conducted user interviews with Chinese who had experiences in giving gifts/money. Many interviewees agreed that figuring out what to give is a huge hurdle. Here are the insights from the interviews.


An app helps people who want to show respect to recipients when gifting someone in the Chinese culture setting by reducing the struggles of thinking the most appropriate gifts and the potential fictions in the gifting culture, and enabling people to connect to others by giving gifts corresponding to the occasions.

Design & Iterations


I first began with high-level sketches to shape my thought on the potential interface on paper before diving into the details.

Homepage design

​​In the user interview, the interviewees were more motivated if they were going to give gifts to the people who had closer relationships with them. Therefore, I focused on the people that the users are closed with, increasing users’ intention to use the app.

Streamlining the user flow of finding a gift

This app is linked to users’ social circle through social media, so the app could be loaded with users’ contacts immediately after onboarding.

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