Chun Kee Noodle Factory —
Branding & Website Design

Chun Kee is a 50 years old noodle factory that inherited traditional Chinese noodle-making methods. The owner of this shop aims to showcase the factory’s products on a website that fits the needs of the target customers. Hence, I revamped their branding, and then designed and coded a new website for them.

Full-stack designer and developer


My freelance project


Winter 2019, 8 Weeks

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User Research

To understand the shop and its customers better, I conducted interviews with the owner and its customers. After researching, I understood the main focus of this project and created several user personas.


Value Proposition

This project aimed to
engage the middle-aged people and elderly through a nostalgic experience, enhancing the perception of the traditional noodle crafted by Chun Kee Noodle Factory.

Design the branding


To revamp its branding, I did a lot of research in the possible design direction of the website. Then, I recommended my client a style that was inspired the 60s Chinese restaurants in Hong Kong, which was to create a historical and vintage feeling to the elderly and middle-aged customers who grew up at the time.

Design the branding


Before deciding on the final logo design, I discussed my sketch and the two design directions with my client, which helped me and my client to figure out the details of the design together.


Design Ideas

Design Iterations

Final design

Accompanying the logo design, I also decided on the visual element of the website.

Final logo

Branding Elements

Prototyping of the website

Keeping mobile-first design in mind, I created two versions of the prototypes for the website.

Coding, testing, iterating

After coding the first version of the website, I used and free-form user testing to test my website. Through these processes, I learned several key insights and improved the design.

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